Combination Shower With Eye/Face Wash - Hand Operated with bowl (ALL 304 STAINLESS STEEL)

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ALL Stainless steel freestanding shower with eye/face wash nozzles. Hand & foot operated with bowl. 316 stainless steel shower head.


  • Ultra Durable - 304/ 316 high grade stainless steel construction suitable for long service life in high corrosion coastal/ harsh chemical environments.

  • Dependable - 316 stainless steel stay open valves, shower head and connection components for dependable operation and performance.

  • Proven - Premium Australian made product, proven over 40 years of industry experience. Meets AS:4775

  • Versatile and easy to use - simple hand operated controls for shower unit and eye wash, with additional foot control for eye/face wash function. Each function can be used individually or simultaneously.

  • Ultra Hygienic design - AES plastic dust covers (on ball chains) on eye/face wash keeps airborne contaminants off nozzles.

  • Reduce discomfort - balanced water supply inlets provide optimum eye wash pattern even with varying water pressure and shower use. New dual 'soft stream' non-aerated eye/ face wash assembly.

  • Reduce injury - stainless steel shower head with unique internal impeller (AES plastic) has a conical action water pattern that gently delivers large volumes of water, ensuring complete decontamination without injury to skin. 

  • Run-off containment - Stainless steel bowl with drain for capturing run-off from eye wash. Ideal where unit is in regular use / for all indoor installations

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Product Code : ESS620

  • Type: Hand & foot operated

  • Dimension (mm): 2450H x 470W x 883D mm

  • Rec Min Connection: 25mm

  • Rec Min Supply: 120 LPM

  • Shower Flow Rate: 90 LPM

  • Eye/face Wash Flow Rate: 30 LPM

  • Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa

  • Material of Construction: 304 & 316 (Shower head, ball valves, connection components) Stainless Steel

  • Valves: 316 stainless steel, stay open valves with balanced water supply inlets

  • Shower head: 316 stainless steel with AES Plastic internal impeller. With 'soft wash' conical water pattern

  • Eye/face wash: 304 stainless steel dual eye/face wash assembly with push-on AES plastic dust covers

  • Compliance: Meets AS 4775

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