Drench Hose, Wall Mount, Single Head (Eye Wash), Hand Held

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Wall Mounted Drench Hose Assembly, Single Head Aerated Eye Wash, Hand Held


  • Durable - Chrome plated brass body

  • Proven - Premium Australian made product, proven over 40 years of industry experience. Meets AS:4775

  • Simple - Economical solution for low volume applications ie. laboratories. Handheld eye wash provides you with swift and effective decontamination for your eyes and body.

  • Versatile and easy to use - simple hand operated trigger control. Wall mount with hanger provides tidy storage

  • Ultra Hygienic design - dust cover on Aerostream eye/face wash keeps airborne contaminants off nozzle.

  • Reduce discomfort - 'Aerostream' eye wash nozzle is designed to rinse contaminants away with a gentle stream of aerated water.

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Product Code : ESS920

  • Type: Wall Mount / Hand Held

  • Dimension (mm): 15mm x 1500mm hose

  • Rec Min Connection: 15mm

  • Rec Min Supply: 10 LPM

  • Eye Wash Flow Rate: 8-12 LPM

  • Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa

  • Material of Construction: Chromed brass & plastic

  • Compliance: Meets AS 4775

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