Hydraulic Chain Pipe Cutters, Wheeler Rex® 2990 (50 - 375mm)

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Work smarter not harder - Hydraulic action is super speedy, and cranks up cutting pressure with minimal effort. A must have for bigger diameter pipes and in-situ cutting. Note, capacities listed are maximum capacities and apply to tile or earthenware pipes. It is not recommended to operate very large pipe cutters at maximum capacities continuously. Reduced cutting capacities for other pipe materials are listed at the bottom of the web page.


  • Extremely hardy and robust

  • Safely cut cast iron, asbestos and earthenware pipe in restricted space or hazardous situations where using electricity or creating a spark is not an option.

  • Cut pipe using the ‘squeeze and pop' (or 'snap’) method (No rotation on the pipe)

  • Only 50-75 mm clearance required to allow chain to be wrapped around pipe

  • Remotely operated hydraulic pump

  • Colour coded pump and clamp units for easy identification if you have a number of different size units. 

  • Replacement chains, chain extensions and hydraulic pump parts available on request

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Note: regardless of chain length, the hydraulic chain cutters have reduced cutting capacity for other pipe materials as follows:

  • 2990 model 50-150 mm Asbestos Cement / Cast Iron pipe capacity

  • 3890 model 100-300 mm Asbestos Cement / 100-250 mm Cast Iron pipe capacity

  • 5590 model 150-450 mm Asbestos Cement / Cast Iron pipe capacity

Refer to attached 'Cutting capacity charts' for further details of cutting options in each range.

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