Presto Wall Mounted Infa-Red Sensor Tap

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Wall mounted sensor tap with 9 V lithium battery.


This smart battery operated infa-red sensor tap has been tried and tested in many factory settings and has proven to be the ultimate in reliable operations. It has very low maintenance requirements due to its simple one minute frontal wall servicing

Battery life: 3 years for 125000 cycles/year (40 cycles/hour for 8 hours each day).

• Infra red sensor

• Anti-blocking system prevents continuous flow for more than 30 seconds

• Automatic flush: will flush for 45 sec after 24 hours of no use

• Non-return valves

• High quality anti-lime scale aerator

• Anti-water-hammering design

• Water saving, stops automatically when hands are removed

• WELS 6 star rating with built in 3 L/min flow limiter

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Product Code : PWMST - ORS

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