S/S wall mounted handwash trough with 5+ sensor taps

7,750.00 Exc GST 7750.0 NZD



  • Purposefully designed to withstand the knocks of factory life, these handwash trough basins are very sturdy and hygienic.

  • Very simple installation - they can be mounted in 10 minutes, and the sensor taps serviced in one minute each.

  • Simplistic frontal wall servicing

  • We can customise the trough length according to your requirements

  • Can install 1 to 10 smart battery operated infa-red sensor taps, ultra reliable operation, simple one minute frontal wall servicing and low maintenance requirements

  • No power connection required

  • Manufactured in high-grade stainless steel

  • Temp control valve can be set up to supply the exact handwash temperature required

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Product Code : SSHTWM5T

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