Stop Valve Key Sets- H/D Galv

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Complete Stop Valve key and bar sets. Hollow Stem Heavy Duty Galvanised steel. You can confidently 'get physical' on jammed access lids and the stiffest old valves, cos it would take King Kong to bend one of these beasts!


  • Available in 3 standard lengths

  • Fits most square head stop valves

  • Hollow stem with heavy duty forged ends- Lightweight yet strong and capable of a high level of torque for stiff or hard to operate valves

  • Chisel end on key bar to lift access lids

  • Forged from high grade steel, Hot dip galvanised for superior protection from rust or corrosion

  • Set includes 1 x key and 1 x flushing bar

  • Custom made keys available upon request, please inquire

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