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A top quality complete utility socket set designed specifically for gasfitters & plumbers. We reckon we must be the first people in NZ to supply the innovative 'Tom Davis set', a nifty attachment for safe mounting of valves on pipe bands etc- check out the pic!


  • Sturdy, robust, high quality tools providing long service life

  • Unique thrubolt socket & ratchet design allows nuts to be tightened on a huge range of pipe clamps, gibaults and flanges

  • Essential for maintenance on all types of water and gas mains and water meter installations

  • Caters for sizes up to 40 mm

  • Exclusive 'pathtap' 1/2” and 5/8” maincock / TPFNR operating sockets & 2 x 'Tom Davis' adaptors for easy removal of most taps, maincocks, TPFNR's

  • Contained in a compact tool box

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Product Code : USSCP

Set Includes:

  • T-Bar

  • Thrubolt ratchet wrench

  • 8 x Sockets (18, 20, 24, 27, 30, 32, 35, 40 mm)

  • 2 x exclusive design 'Pathtap' maincock sockets (1/2, 5/8”) for easy on/off operation of TPFNR's and maincocks

  • 'Tom Davis' set

  • Easy out

  • Thrubolt wrench adaptor

  • Toolbox

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