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Hyvent Commercial Grade Compact Air Vent 1/2" with Check/ Service Valve

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Hyvent Commercial Grade Compact Air Vent 1/2" with Check/ Service Valve


Hyvent commercial grade compact air vent is good for both portable hot water and heating water systems. This includes the automatic check/service valve which allows servicing and replacement of air vent without having to drain the system. Rated to 115 ˚C max temp and max operating pressure 10 bar.

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    • Automatic air venting of systems during filling or normal operation
    • Automatic aerating at draining
    • Design allows dirt-sensitive operation
    • Trouble-free replacement of the float vent valve under full system pressure thanks to a check valve
    • Time saving installation of the float vent valve with the automatic check valve
    • For pipe installations in heating area:
      •  Apartment blocks, housing estates, multiple dwelling units
      • Residential care facilities, hospitals
      •  Administration and service buildings
      •  Hotels and restaurants, industrial kitchens
      • School buildings and sports facilities
      • Commercial and industrial buildings

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    The valve automatically vents and provides air from and to hydraulic systems such as heating, cooling, air conditioning and sanitary equipment on a continual basis. The combination of an air separator with the aerating and venting greatly increases the efficiency of the venting operation. The ventilation valve is closed by means of a float. If air collects in the cup, the float sinks and releases the ventilation valve. The accumulated air escapes until the (inflowing) water pushes the floater down again and the valve closes. The water once more presses the float against the ventilation valve, and closes the latter.