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Balancing Valve Iso/Reg Fixed Orifice Threaded Brass

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Balancing Valve Iso/Reg Fixed Orifice Threaded Brass


Balancing valves with Fixed Orifice angle seat are suitable for all Balancing isolation and regulation applications for water and Hydronic systems DZR BSP female valves in this range 15 - 50mm, -10 -110°c rated, 16 bar rated. Also, known as commissioning valves. Variations: LF (Low flow), MF (Medium flow), GF (General flow) Can be used as Alternative to STAD valves.

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DN15-50 Regulating Valve (Fixed Orifice) / DZR Brass Body 

Flow rate selections Kvs:

  • DN15 LF kvs 0.48
  • DN15 MF kvs 0.97
  • DN15 GF kvs 1.95
  • DN20 GF kvs 3.95
  • DN25 GF kvs7.90
  • DN32 GF kvs 15.75
  • DN40 GF kvs 21.50
  • DN50 GF kvs 46.70

Variations: LF (Low flow), MF (Medium flow), GF (General flow) 

All valves come standard with upstream and downstream binder test points.

A perfect alternative for STAD and STAF type balancing Iso/Reg valves.

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On Application


HV4017 Balancing Valves Iso/Reg Fixed Orifice Threaded Brass

Screwed fixed integral orifice commissioning valves DN15 – DN50 shall be DZR Copper Alloy, oblique pattern and shall have an orifice integral to the valve body and be in accordance with BS7350, rated PN20. Valves will be fitted with self-sealing test points for flow verification and have a non-rising spindle with a double O-ring spindle seal. Pre-setting shall be by limitation of spindle lift with pre-set value displayed digitally through a window in the hand wheel. Valves shall have locking and marking facilities for the pre-setting. Valves must be sized for the flow rate required for each application, low and medium flow versions will be available. The valve manufacturer shall provide a five-year fully comprehensive warranty, covering parts, labour and consequential loss. Also note some people call these "Double regulating valves"

Note the distance required before and after the valve for measurement accuracy.


Connection Size 15mm or 20mm or 25mm or 32mm or 40mm or 50mm
Capacity LF or MF or GF