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Brass Ball Valve Threaded - Extended Blue Insulated Handle

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Brass Ball Valve Threaded - Extended Blue Insulated Handle


DZR Ball Valve Extended Tee Handle Suitable for both heating and potable water applications. Blue indicator. BSP female connections ends. Designed for heating, cooling and drinking water applications where valve handles need to protrude above the insulation.

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  • Perfect for Chilled water applications 100% where insulation vapour seal is required (Removes the struggle of lagging around metal valve handles)
  • Sizes DN15-50 Brass Ball Valve with BSP female Threaded ends..
  • Red coloured indicator version (Which provides easy visual identification of hot/cold or Flow & Return valves)
  • UK Water Reg 4 Compliant, WRAS Approved & KIWA Approved.
  • Tee lever handle is of plastic stem construction that is internally insulated to prevent heat transfer.
  • Valve design rating to PN 16 bar pressure.
  • Suitable for service Temperatures -20° to 95°c
  • Suitable for usage in heating systems with Glycol and inhibitor additives. 
  • Note: hydrocarbons/minerals and/or high chlorine levels may cause premature failure of seals/metals not covered by manufacturers' warranty.

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WRAS Approved & KIWA Approved Extended Ball Valves DN15 – DN50 to be Full Bore, DZR Copper alloy, Screwed ends to ISO 228, rated PN25. Ball valves to have blue handles. The valve manufacturer shall provide a five year fully comprehensive warranty, covering parts, labour and consequential loss.


Connection Size 15mm or 20mm or 25mm or 32mm or 40mm or 50mm