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Direct-Activated Pressure Reducing Valve (with gauge)

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Direct-Activated Pressure Reducing Valve (with gauge)


Designed to protect pipeline systems or equipment from overload pressure, maintaining consistent and precise pressure to optimize system and equipment. Also know as a pressure regulator.

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    • Stainless Steel 316 Valve body - suitable for fluids, air & steam
    • The gate is balanced pressure designed, which will not influence the outlet pressure caused by unstable inlet pressure.
    • The pressure that is needed from a fully-closed gate to a fully-opened gate is 1.5 bar/cm2 
    • The outlet pressure responds directly to the pressure control chamber and adjusts the setting pressure, allowing a quick response and adjusting the pressure accurately.
    • The special design of diaphragm and piston means smooth pressure regulation and effective seal under no-flow conditions
    • Comes with standard spring which has got a pressure range from 1-6bar. Higher pressure spring can be provided as an accessory which is 4-10bar pressure.

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On Application

The Direct-Activated Pressure-Reducing Valve is a control valve that reduces the input pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output, protecting pipelines and systems from overpressure by providing consistent outlet pressure. This gives the ability to maintain consistent and precise pressure to optimize the system and equipment.   Direct-Activated Pressure-Reducing valves have been utilized in a wide range of sectors, such as (but not limited to) Industrial, Building, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Water Sectors. These valves can be generally used for gases and liquids.

Size (mm)Approximate Pressure Loss
15CV 2.4 - 0.19 bar at 15 l/min, 1.34 bar at 40 l/min
20CV 4.0 - 0.27 bar at 30 l/min, 1.1 bar at 60 l/min
25CV 6.5 - 0.40 bar at 60 l/min, 1.14 bar at 100 l/min
32CV 13 - 0.18 bar at 80 l/min, 0.64 bar at 150 l/min
40CV 13 - 0.18 bar at 80 l/min, 0.64 bar at 150 l/min
50CV 14 - 0.25 bar at 100 l/min, 1.53 bar at 250 l/min

Please note 32mm is 40mm valve with factory fitted thread reducing.


Size 20mm or 25mm or 32mm or 15mm or 40mm or 50mm