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Econoliser Brisket Saw Steriliser

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Econoliser Brisket Saw Steriliser


Econoliser brisket saw steriliser for saws such as, but not limited to EFA Model 63, Jarvis MG-1E, Kentmaster Model EBB. The Econolisersare designed to replace traditional ringmain 82°c feed spray or water bath type steriliser's.


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    • A 95% reduction in the water used is normal when compared to constant flow immersion sterilisers.
    • 95% reduction in the cost of heating the water.
    • Virtually no steam is produced, to condense on overhead equipment and drip onto carcasses.
    • No tank of hot water, zero risk of scolding and more comfortable to work next to.
    • Fully automatic operation gives consistent results with any operator.
    • Built-in electric water heater which means the water supply can be anything from cold 0°C/32°F up to 90°C/180°F and the built-in water heater will ensure that it is above 82°C/180°F
    • Using the built-in water heater to heat the water is by far the least expensive way to heat the water as it only heats the water that is used no more no less.
    • Electric from a renewable source can now be used for sterilisation of tools helping users to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint.

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    Econoliser brisket saw steriliser