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82°c Electric Twin Econoliser Knife Sterilizer

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82°c Electric Twin Econoliser Knife Sterilizer


82°c Econoliser Twin Knife Sterilizer Designed to replace the traditional constant flow or water bath type sterilisers for meat processing applications. The unit sanitises one knife while the other is being used or both knives simultaneously.


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      • A 95% reduction in the water used is normal when compared to constant flow immersion sterilisers.
      • Therefore at least a 95% reduction in the cost of heating the water.
      • Virtually no steam is produced, to condense on overhead equipment and drip onto carcasses.
      • No tank of hot water, zero risk of scolding and more comfortable to work next to.
      • Activated by insertion of the Knife into the unit. Safe and easy for operators.
      • Fully automatic operation gives consistent results with any operator.
      • New cassette design allows for ease of servicing, minimising downtime
      • New knives hold their edge longer because they aren’t sitting in a tank of hot water which anneals them
      • Built-in electric water heater which means the water supply can be anything from cold 0°C/32°F up to 90°C/180°F and the built-in water heater will ensure that it is above 82°C/180°F
      • Using the built-in water heater to heat the water is by far the least expensive way to heat the water as it only heats the water that is used no more no less.
      • Electric from a renewable source can now be used for sterilisation of knives and tools helping users to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprint.

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