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Water Hammer Arrestor Stainless steel 1/2" 15mm

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Water Hammer Arrestor Stainless steel 1/2" 15mm


15mm (1/2") male threaded corrosion-resistant stainless water hammer arrestor (arrester) uses an air cushion to absorb and prevent water hammer, shock waves and banging in fluid or water systems.

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    • The quick closure of solenoid valves, spring-loaded valves, taps spray guns, and pumps causes water hammer or hydraulic shock which can be effectively absorbed by the installation of a WHASS
    • 15mm 1/2" male BSP threaded connection.
    • Chamber pressure: 2.5 Bar, can be adjusted/checked via the Schrader valve. Unlike other water hammer arrestors which are unserviceable and non-adjustable for the working pressure.
    • Suitable for water and other similar fluids.
    • Operating Temperature -5° to +80°c 
    • Pressure: tested 32 Bar, suitable for up to 20 bar applications
    • Can be mounted in any position.
    • Height 75mm x Diameter 46mm Weight 0.3 kg

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