About Us

Landed here coz you want to know more about Flowquip?

Sometimes people ask what we do….

 “We supply components that make it easy for engineers and tradesmen to create and maintain the veins and organs of piped services systems.” 

But… what’s more important is why we do it, our higher purpose.

Our mission.

"Make it Easier"

Making it easier all started with…

A small plumbing firm in 1980 installing all piped services for customers ranging from Mrs Jones to the largest Dairy company. We experienced the needs and frustrations encountered by Plumbers, Drainlayers, mechanical plant engineers and many others working with piped services. Being able to easily source and procure the right quality products and equipment to get your mission accomplished often seemed to be more complicated than completing actual installation! After many years of FlowQuip's Founders who were “out there doing it” decided to embark on their journey to make it easier for their fellow tradesmen.

What does this mean for our customers?

We are always innovating, improving, doing or providing you something new to make it easier. We focus on you as our customer, and your real needs so we can refine our processes, products, and resources around you to make it easier. We will always be striving to remove pain from your tasks so you can achieve more with less effort to make your life easier.

Ok, and why so important for our employees?

It’s what gets you out of bed. I must innovate, create something above and beyond the norm to make today exciting and easier. It is your duty in everything you do to make it easier for all: Our team, our customers, our processes, products, and all the lives we touch. Remove the pain, achieve more with less effort to make all the lives of people and families we touch a little less difficult.

That’s epic! And how does the mission connect with our suppliers?

Partnering with our suppliers to create products and streamlined processes that make it easier for our customers, which in turn makes our lives easier. Pass on the feeling of a job well done; we all have to go to work every day, but we can get maximum enjoyment out of those days if we have the purpose of all making each others jobs a little bit easier, right up and down the chain.

    Brand promise: To make your job easier:

    • Providing innovative products and turn-key solutions that are otherwise hard to find.
    • Testing everything we sell to ensure it will work reliability for you.
    • If you can’t find something, ask us; we can help.
    • We don't hide stuff; we provide all the needed information online at your fingertips.
    • Continually improve our processes to make your ordering experience "easy as."
    • Fast dispatch and communication all the way about when your orders will arrive.
    • If we ever mess up, we'll fix it right away.
    • Asking you how we can improve or help make your job easier.
    • Listening to you if we're not making it easier.