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15mm Brass Industrial Automatic Air Vent 110°c - 10 bar

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15mm Brass Industrial Automatic Air Vent 110°c - 10 bar


15mm Brass HVAC Automatic Air Vent 110°c - 10 bar, Suitable for automatic venting of Air in all Hydronic heating/cooling systems and potable water systems, These vents provide effective and reliable removal of air from high points in pipework systems.

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    Product Features -  All pricing exclusive of GST

    • 15mm BSP female Brass HVAC Automatic Air Vent

    •  110°c - 10 bar Rated.

    • Virtually Maintenance free

    • Continuous air venting 

    • Sized to fit almost anywhere

    • Dirt-resistant

    • Leak resistant

    • Quick removal of large air bubbles

    • Reliable vacuum breaker for system draining

    •  European Quality.

    • Solid brass construction ensures a long service life.

    • 15mm BSP male thread on the outlet for capping during pressure testing or running of external vent lines (optional)

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    Venting is the term used to describe eliminating air pockets from a system. They can occur, for example, while filling the system during commissioning or after repair work. Analysis has shown that undue care taken during filling can double the water's natural oxygen and nitrogen concentration. On the one hand, this leads to an increased risk of oxygen corrosion; on the other hand, trapped residual air can hinder or entirely block circulation. Since air bubbles collect in high areas, quick air vents are installed in the high parts of a system.  Our air vents reliably assure the automatic elimination of air and other gas pockets in heating, solar and cooling systems preventing flow noises, disruptions to circulation, performance impairment and avoidable
    corrosion damage and reducing the need for maintenance.