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Chemical Dosing Pot Stainless Steel

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Chemical Dosing Pot Stainless Steel


Stainless Chemical dosing pots are designed for a safe and controlled method of adding inhibitors and chemicals to sealed heating and chilled water systems.

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  • Funnel & valve arrangement to enable: – isolation, draining & re-dosing of the circuit.
  • Dosing pots are used for chemical dosing of sealed heating and chilled water systems with chemical additives to avoid corrosion of pipes and components.
  • Shipped with pictured ball valves for dosing control
  • 304 stainless construction.
  • No power or dosing pumps are needed.
  • Could also be used for dosing Glycol.
  • No rust or Iron is added to the system due to stainless pot construction.

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Please refer to the diagram above or see specification


  1. Valve D must be connected to the flow line, or circulating pump discharge line.

  2. Valve C must be connected to the return line, or circulating pump suction line.

  3. Valve E is connected to drainage.

Dosing Procedure

  1. Close isolating Valves C & D.

  2. Open the dosing pot fill Valve A, air-venting Valve B, & drain Valve E, to empty pot.

  3. Close drain Valve E, and fill the dosing pot with the appropriate product through the funnel.

  4. Close valves A & B to seal pot.

  5. Open isolation Valves C & D to allow circulation through the pot into the system to be treated. Allow sufficient time for chemical treatment to be mixed into the main system.

  6. Close Valves C & D to isolate the pot from the main system.


Capacity 15L or 8L